thirty-four sunset road

Somehow it’s already been 8 months since I ended my marriage and left the safety of my home to catch a new wave in life. What was intended to be a three months trip to South Africa turned out to be something more.

A tipping point beyond expectations. Some refer to it as living your best life.

From accidental life from a suitcase, engaging with the unknown road, eventually ending up being homeless on the corner of Craig and Verwood, to gathering sunsets by the pool with the ménage and further establishing my new longterm relationship with this beauty, called life.

Lips like sugar but hard to handle, she got in the way of what I’ve started in here. Six months and over twenty Airbnbs further down the line, there’s no time like the present to reflect on my journey once again.

The greatest summer. By far.
Endorsed by a whole new network of international friendships, nomad-dinners, co-living experiences, therapeutic group hikes, inspiring coworking sessions and spontaneous road trips along the Peninsula, …

Never waste a good crisis, they say. We sure as hell didn’t. Not even for a day. As we’ve all been waiting on a vaccine for the terminal fomo.

Moments and memories could easily fade away if it weren’t for my camera roll keeping track of how rejuvenating and elevating this whole escapade has been.

If only the socks gone missing with ex-roomies would someday show up to tell the stories, they could help us with remembering how grand life can be.

The months went by and bye… swallowed by an ever-changing crowd of hellos and goodbyes that continuously challenged this introvert in many ways. Although I’m failing terribly to keep up with the array of numbers that found their way into my phone, some of them undeniably had a huge impact on this whole process and the personal growth that came with it.

Looking back and dealing with divorce, there’s no way of knowing if I’ll ever find myself part of something that pure and reliable again. Still, I carry on with no regrets and can’t help but think the only thing I had left to give, was to walk away.

As summer inevitable came to an end, I’ve comfortably settled for the construction site my life tends to feel like. Embarked on a new mission to make this life of no compromise as sustainable as possible. Once more, by pulling out the rusty nails that hold up everything i’ve known.


belgian guy in jeans

Sup? I’m Mattias, a freelance software engineer working remotely as a digital nomad while chasing sunsets around the globe. I wear jeans where normal people don’t and these are some stories from the road.