mourning routines

Focal points. A little hack to keep balanced while learning yoga exercises before my customary morning cigarette drenched in coffee. Happy Valley palm tree leaves, a miniature sailboat about to disappear behind the Atlantic horizon or slowly moving my eyes along the path of the incandescent clouds whispering over the misty twelve apostels. No sight fails to amaze in this majestical little place on earth.

A few weeks ago I set foot on land in Camps Bay and introduced myself to six other citizens of the world. I’ve been co-living with them for this first part of my stay in Cape Town.

Remarkable and rememberable things can happen when people didn’t choose each other and end up living together.

With nothing much more in common than mutual respect and an open mind, completely different cultural backgrounds can be exactly what one needs to expand your perspectives and fight off the enemy called comfort-zone.

Acoustic sunset romance with the backing vocals of dying branches gasping for their last breaths before tumbling into the ashes of the braai. Daybreak coding sessions make up for a lengthy lunch nearby the beach. If life is only as good as the memories we make, I think i’m exactly where i needed to be.

As the blended Strathearn family members are about to all go our separate ways to spend the holidays, I can somehow sense the impending doom of a lonely Christmas. No family or friends this year. No pointless conversation about the meaning of life with my furry buddy.

Far out of sight is society that conditioned me to not even try finding comfort in being alone. Set sail. I’ll do it the hard way if I have to.

Viento, que viene de la montaña
Viento, que viene del mar
Viento, tráenos la claridad
Viento, tráenos la libertad
Vuela, vuela, volá
con nosotros


belgian guy in jeans

Sup? I’m Mattias, a freelance software engineer working remotely as a digital nomad while chasing sunsets around the globe. I wear jeans where normal people don’t and these are some stories from the road.