last-minutes and lost evenings

There’s something peculiar about flying from one empty airport to another on an airplane with only a few seats taken. Tell-tale signs I am probably not supposed to do this. Intercontinental traveling during a global pandemic happens to come with a lot of uncertainties.

Will they refuse me at the next checkpoint because of some restriction i’ve overlooked? It crosses my mind, but honestly, I am too exhausted to even be bothered. I’ll figure it out if shit hits the fence and I’m forced to return.

It takes quite some preparation in order to make sure every aspect of life and running a company can be managed remotely. This is not a holiday. Life goes on and responsibilities won’t just vanish overnight.

Since international borders might close again at any point, i’ve allowed myself exactly one week to ignore the trauma i’ve been dealing with and not miss this potentially small window to leave.

It got me caught up in a massive todo-list and ended with packing only few hours before leaving. The required PCR test came in on my way to the airport and it was only a few days ago I all of the sudden realised I didn’t have all mandatory vaccins to even be allowed on that aircraft.

All of that while saying goodbyes to loved ones for too many nights in a row and maintain working fulltime to not miss my project’s mid January deadline… it’s been a hectic ride to say the least.

It was only at the Cape Town Airport customs and covid screening I could rest assured they’d let me in. As with most successes in life, luck has to be on your side as well.

So here I am, South-Africa.
May our journey commence.


belgian guy in jeans

Sup? I’m Mattias, a freelance software engineer working remotely as a digital nomad while chasing sunsets around the globe. I wear jeans where normal people don’t and these are some stories from the road.