there’s a crack in everything

In the aftermath of dreadful stages in life, i tend to make unusual game-changing decisions. When my mother got a severe stroke back in 2014, paralyzing half of her body and taking away her ability to speak, i quit my job and started my own business with zero clients and my only mentor fading out.

A while ago my fifteen year relationship passed its expiration date and the grief that comes along with that got the best of me. It’s ok to feel sad after making the right decision, they say. At least it is for a while.

After spending a few weeks working remotely in Lisbon earlier this month, i haven’t exactly been doing cartwheels coming back home. But today marks the day i’m pulling myself together. My time has come to rise from the ashes once more.

I’m leaving Europe for a hibernation in Cape Town, South-Africa.


PS: I’ve been doing some writing lately and i’m sharing parts of it over the next few weeks, so stay tuned on instagram or facebook for more updates…



Howdy! I’m Mattias, a freelance software developer from Belgium, currently living and working remotely from Cape Town, South Africa. I wear jeans where normal people don’t and these are some stories from the road.